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Bushfire hazard and
risk Assessments


What is a Bushfire Assessment?

Bushfire Assessment is an activity that identifies the bushfire hazard and threats relating to bushfires impacting on a defined site,
and the associated risks to the loss of life, property
and the Environment.
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Who requires a Bushfire Assessment?
  • Rural land owners that require protection of an asset (e.g residence, farm sheds, crops etc)
  • Construction of a new dwelling on rural and urban properties with a
    bush interface located on identified bushfire prone lands.
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  • Developers wishing to develop rural residential and urban subdivisions
    on indentified bushfire prone lands. more info
  • Any Threatened or Endangered Flora and Fauna spicies situated on private
    lands that may be impacted on by hazard reduction burning
  • Any Significant Environmental Features situated on private lands that may
    be impacted on by hazard reduction burning program
  • Any large scale hazard reduction burn programs that require a bushfire hazard
    reduction certificate under section 100f of NSW Rural Fires Act (1997)

If you are planning to develop rural lands or urban lands near a bush interface, then you may
possibly require a bushfire risk management plan for the approval of your Development
Aplicantion. Contact
BushfireSafe Services for FREE advice as to your requirements under the
new legislation

Bushfire Risk Management

What is Bushfire Risk Management?

After the bushfire assessment has identified the dominant bushfire vegetation and topography
in relation to the asset at threat, appropriate strategies are
designed and implemented to manage
the risk of the identified bushfire hazard impacting on the asset in a bushfire emergency.
There are various methods to manage the risk from bushfires depending on the type of
asset that requires protection, through carrying out a risk analysis; using the data collated
from the bushfire hazard and threat assessment appropriate Asset Protection Zones (APZs)
can be designed and implemented on the identified bushfire prone elevations from the asset
requiring protection in a bushfire emergency.