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Some issues to decide when contemplating
evacuation from a bushfire emergency.

1) Under what curcumstances will the dwelling be evacuated?
2) where will they be evacuated to?
3) Duties and responsibilities of person coordinating the evacuation?
4) Is anyone to remain after with the dwelling after evacuation

Emergency Control Organisation
and Procedures.

The staff at BushfireSafe (Aust) Pty Ltd are highly trained in the preparation and implemantation of
Emergency Control Organisation and Procedures in accordance with Australian Standard
3745-2002 for the safety of people in buildings, structures and the workplace during emergencies.
Initial and ongoing training is undertaken by the trained staff at BushfireSafe through
tailored site specific developed training packages.

What is a Emergency Contol Organisation?

The organisation for the control and safety of persons in an emergency has two tiers;
1) Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)
2) Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)

An example of the duties of the EPC are as follows:-
a) members are to meet on a regular basis to establish
b) establish and implement emergency plans and procedures;
c)ensure that personnel are appointed to all positions of the ECO

An example of positions of a ECO;-
a) Chief Warden
b) Deputy Cheif Warden
c) Communications Officer
d) Area Wardens e) Wardens
For Further
information on the formation and roles and responsibilities of the EPC and
the ECO Contact BushfireSafe Sevices:

Who is required to implement and maintain Emergency Control Orgaisation
& Procedures?

Building owners, agents, occupiers, lessors and/or their representatives should ensure
that leases cover the safety of occupants which include the obligations for occupants to
participate in emergency planning and evacuation exercises and aknowledge the authority
of the designated wardens in an emergency.

For all your Emergency Control Organisation and Procedure requirements contact
the professionals in planning and implementation of appropriate control procedures for
all emergency situations.
Bushfire Evacuation Planning and Procedures

BushfireSafe (Aust) Pty Ltd are leaders in the field of preparation and implementation of pre-bushfire
planning procedures, bushfire evacuation planning and training for the occupants in buildings
and businesses in bushfire prone areas.

Who requires Bushfire Evacuation Planning and Procedures?

Any persons with the responsible for the welfare of occupants and visitors at their place of residence
or business in identified bushfire prone areas require the preparation and implementation of appropriate bushfire evacuation planning and procedures, (e.g private residences, businesses, hospitals and nursing
homes etc)

What is required for Bushfire Evacuation?

There are various requirements that need to be addressed depending on the size and type and the
particular use of the building and persons requiring
evacuation in a bushfire emergency. through a bushfire hazard and threat analysis BushfireSafe services trained personnel prepare an appropriate
bushfire evacuation plan tailored
for your specific requirements.

For further information regarding the the preparation of Bushfire Evacuation Plans and Procedures 
contact BushfireSafe Services the Bushfire Specialists.